Create a Custom Personalized Photo Calendar for Yourself or as a Unique Gift

If you’ve been racking your brain in an attempt to find a unique gift for someone, no matter what the occasion, then you may want to consider a custom personalized photo calendar. Practical, functional, and highly meaningful, a personalized photo calendar is a unique gift that can always be cherished by the recipient, and a great keepsake to display someone’s favorite photos.

A custom photo calendar enables you to pick some of your favorite photos and either mail them or upload them to a website if they are digital photos, whereby they will produce a calendar with your photo selections. You can have one photo per page, or a combination of photos, as well as photos on the cover.

If you are familiar with programs like photoshop, you can pre-edit your digital photos to add effects, frames, or other nice touches to enhance the overall quality and images before uploading them to the site that will produce your calendar.

Most sites that offer custom personalized photo calendars will allow you to begin the calendar at any month you desire, and add your own personalized notations to certain dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates of note. Most will also offer additional copies of your custom calendar at a discount.

These make great presents for family members and are an excellent way to preserve memories of a wedding, baby pictures, family photos, and much more.

Some of the best websites that offer custom personalized photo calendars are Shutterfly, Photoworks, and Kodak.

Shutterfly can be found at and offers photo calendars at reasonable prices, with standard customization tools and an easy step-by-step process that will allow you to easily create your photo calendar within mere minutes, and make any changes quickly if necessary.

After creating an account with Shutterfly, you can upload photos and begin the process immediately, or wait until the desired time to begin, as Shutterfly will store your uploaded digital photos for free. Shutterfly also offers the option to further customize and enhance your photos with borders and captions, such as birthday or wedding themes.

At, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of calendar layouts to best suit your taste, as well as different sizes. Photoworks also makes the calendar creation process fairly simple, and offers discounts on multiple calendars. will take you to the Kodak custom calendar creation site, where you can also choose from several different calendar layouts, as well as different background designs. Themed calendars, such as baby themes or vacations are a nice touch for specialty custom calendars. Storing your photos for future projects is also an option at Kodak.